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The process of buying new build property in France is regulated under the legal system known as « VEFA » which stands for « Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement », i.e. purchasing off plan.


This is a very strictly regulated process that ensures the buyer is protected along the way.


Following signature of a reservation contract to secure your property, payment is made in stage payments corresponding to the different construction phases.


To find out more about buying new build property in France, please read our buying guide.


In France, sales of all property are overseen by a Notaire.  A Notaire is a legal representative who ensures that the transaction is carried out in accordance with French law.  A Notaire can represent both parties: the buyer and the seller.


The fees of a Notaire are regulated by the Government.  Notaire fees include the taxes payable to the Government and the local authority as well as the Notaire’s remuneration (approx. 1/10th of the fees).  For new build purchases, the Notaire fees are considerably reduced at a rate of approximately 3% of the sale price.


A Notaire will also be able to advise you on the specific inheritance laws in France.

If you wish to talk to a Notaire about your purchase please contact us.


Most lenders in the UK refuse to help for a real estate purchase in France. Non-residents or expatriates can obtain a mortgage directly with national or regional French banks.


However, it can often be easier to use an independent mortgage broker to secure your finances. Brokers are in contact with major national French banks and private banks. Therefore they easily find the most competitive rate.


French banks will normally lend up to 85% Loan To Value.


If you would like to contact an independent mortgage broker, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


In France it is possible to save 20% on the purchase price of your new build property if you choose to take out a commercial rental lease.


Initially set up by the French government to encourage tourism, the Para-Hotelier tax system allows buyers of new build property to recover the VAT, provided they rent their property furnished to tourists.


Our sister rental management company, Alpine Residences, can rent out your property to meet the requirements of this system.


To find out more about reclaiming the 20% VAT, please read our information guide.


We can also put you in contact with experienced French accountants to discuss this process in detail.  Please contact us for more information.